Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New to the Shop!

It's been a bit busy around here lately.  I've been working like craaaazzy.  Here's some of what's new to the shop as a result :)

Reminds me of the sea or bubbles

Cute baby shower colors for boys or girls

Fall Stationary and/or Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Circus Themed :)

For the daring lady

Confetti for weddings, parties, DIYs... you name it!

PS- Did you know paper garlands make great stocking stuffers?  Cause they do!  :)


  1. All your projects make me wish I didn't work and wasn't in school... because I'd spend my life doing stuff like that! Gotta ask. Do you have a Cricut?? ALSO. Are you planning on making Christmas cards??? I just might special order some... :)

  2. Your garlands are beautiful. I found in the Etsy forums and decided to check out your blog. Nicely done.

    Hope you have a great day.