Thursday, September 15, 2011

Etsy Shop Tip: Customize your Facebook Page URL

Last week, we looked at customizing Etsy Facebook pages by adding an Etsy Mini.  If you haven't added it yet, you should!  Check out the tutorial here.   Another great and SUPER easy way to better your social media?  Customize your Facebook URL!

If your url looks something like this:

It's not easy for people to go directly to it.  It's complicated and (no offense) ugly.  People can't remember it and it doesn't look nice and clean as you spread the word about your page and shop.

No fear! Simply go to and follow the simple instructions to change the url to something like this:

**Bonus Tip** I suggest you make your url the same as your Etsy page for continuity for customers.  If you run into an issue where your shop name is already taken on Facebook-- like me-- try adding "by" and your name.  You can see I added "byallison." It's an easy way to mix it up and still have an intuitive (that's what we like!) name for people to find.

Now that new URL of yours looks so much better!  Beware though, you must have 25 "likes" in order to customize your url so if you DON'T, do about 10 minutes of networking... leave a comment here with your current Facebook Page URL, comment in your teams, drum up some valuable support!  These people may not end up being your customers, but they will help drive actual customers your way.  And no traffic is bad traffic right?  (I hear a discussion for next week....)

Now that you have 25 likes, change that URL everywhere you have it listed!  Make sure you have it in your public profile on Etsy as well so people can easily pop over to the page and be sure to use that page!

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