Friday, September 16, 2011

Announcing Weekend Creations and some DIYs

DIY Monogram Mugs via Design Mom
This feels like the first weekend in a really long time that Andrew and I haven't traveled somewhere or had guests over.  I absolutely love the traveling and the guests, but I am SO excited to have a weekend of chill relaxation.  Especially if it stays chilly outside- Cozy!

With all of this free time, I have big dreams of reading books, crafting, and working on the shop.  The weekend is open to create. Create thoughts. Create crafts. Create fun.  With this in mind, I wanted to challenge you, all of my readers to create something this weekend.  It's great for the mind and soul and sometimes takes an intentional effort.  Then send me a photo of what you have created and I will feature you next Friday in a new "Weekend Creations" column that I will be starting next week.  (I'll even add a link to your shop or blog!)  It can be a blog post, a fun date idea, room decor, or a craft... you are free to interpret as you will.  You can email me photos (or leave a link to your blog if it shows the creation) at Be sure to tell your friends!

To kick it off, here are some great DIYs from around the web for you to kick-start your new commitment to create!

Monogram Mugs via Design Mom

Treat Stands via the Crafting Chicks- Perfect for an extra touch to any party!

Awesome Candle Holders made using Water Balloons

Felt Flower Pins- Perfect for fall accessorizing!

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