Saturday, October 9, 2010

Simple Living Month: Day 9

A quick look at several indoor plants so that you can see that there will be some plant to match your indoor style.

Everyone likes fresh, clean healthy-to-breath air right?
Well did you know that the air inside of our homes and office buildings is more than likely more polluted than outside?

That's right, all of those toxic cleaning supplies (we'll conquer those later) and carpet fibers, etc, fly into the air to make our homes extremely polluted.

So how do we end this madness naturally and simply?

Plant a plant or five to use in your house. They naturally detoxify the air in your home and not only that, they are natural mood boosters.

Scout and I have at least five indoor plants I can think of off the top of my head just inside our apartment.

So happy planting on this beautiful weekend!

And don't forget, it wouldn't hurt to plant a tree outside while you're at it either.


  1. I am deciding what plants tom get for my classroom, any suggestions?

  2. this may be a little belated, but i love rubber plants and i have a mystery something i got at walmart that is awesome. i will try to look it up for you!