Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Living Month: Day 8

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Make it something that will support your health and the environment and is still a good time and check out your local Farmers' Market!

Farmers' Markets are a great place to buy local veggies which because they aren't transported as far, have a lower carbon footprint and they are vegetables, so they are obviously a healthy eating choice.

You also have the chance to meet the farmers that produced the vegetables, meat or whatever it is you are purchasing (there are always lots of cool vendors for homemade soap, plants for your gardens, etc) and ask them questions.
Did they use chemicals or genetically-modified seeds to produce what you are about to consume for example?
Usually at farmers markets, farmers are more conscious of the environment because they do not mass produce products like grocery store produce. Thus, they don't use pesticides or harmful fertilizers, but it never hurts to ask.

Farmers' Markets are also a great opportunity to walk around outside.
It often only takes a quick internet search for your local Farmers' Market to find out when and where it is.
Saturday mornings are typically the best time to check them out!

For Knoxvillians, check out ours here.

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  1. You know I support this wonderful idea. We went to the Mennonite farm several times this year and I bought tomatoes and made salsa. We ate the best fried squash and okra this summer and it was all fresh.