Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etsy Mini How-To: More Traffic = More Sales

Have you ever wondered how to have a little glimpse of your Etsy Store on your blog like so many super technologically advanced people do?  Well guess what... I am not super technologically advanced and I can do it because.... It's super easy!  I have one as a page (see my page tabs below my banner at the top) that has a much bigger view of my store and then a smaller one that's very accessible to the right in my side bar.  This is a great way to advertise your Etsy store for free and a great way to Optimize your Search Engine results.  Who doesn't love a little SEO anyways.  

Check out the demo below! Good luck and send me a link to your new page so I can check it out! 

To add these Etsy Mini's to your blog, simply go to the "Your Account" section of Etsy.

Click on "Etsy Mini" 

Then choose your options.  You can choose to display your store items or favorites, the size of your thumbnails, and the size of your "Mini." chose the "Gallery" 4x3 for my page and a "Thumbnail" 3x2 for my side bar. 

Once you choose your options, you will be given an HTML code. (Sounds scary?  It's not!)  Simply copy this HTML code and head over to blogger.

If you have chosen to add a thumbnail of your shop to your main page, at Blogger, go to your "Design" page and "Add a Gadget."  Choose "HTML/JavaScript" and simply paste your HTML code in the blank given.  Then drag and drop your gadget wherever you want it!

If you have chosen to add a gallery page, simply choose "Edit Posts" at your main blogger page.  Then click "Edit Pages" towards the top of the page to edit a page.  

If you don't have a page set up, click "New Page" and simply add your title, click on "Edit HTML" (instead of "Compose"), paste your code that was copied from Etsy, and Publish your page!

And you're done!!!  This is sure to bring more traffic to your store!  


  1. This was super easy! Thanks so much!


  2. thanks Allison for your help! i did it :-)