Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning Scheduleness = Crazy?

So I'm going to try to jump back on this bandwagon of blogging.  Life has been a bit consumed by my new Etsy store (see the tab above) in the best of ways....

Anyways, I am starting a new little experiment around here and wanted to get some feedback.  I have to admit that I am the opposite of an organized person when it comes to around the house.  I actually enjoy a bit of disarray.  I don't like everything to be perfect every where so the house tends to be where the mess occurs (just ask my parents, past roommates, and Andrew).  But there comes a time, when your disarray starts to become a little too much.  You think twice about inviting someone over because you don't want to pick up because the mess is too big, etc. 

Thus I have concocted a little plan... a cleaning schedule to help remind me that things need to be picked up.  (Note- Please don't think I'm a pig... I clean like scrub dirt, etc... I just don't pick up the junk mail or the dirty clothes... stuff like that)

 I feel so domesticated with this post, but some cleanliness is good for the soul.  I read it today in Whole Living magazine.  Anyways, anybody else out there do that?  What do you do?  Any tricks?

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  1. If you figure this out PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!! OMGosh!! I work from home so you can imagine the art messes I make daily:) I would love some tips on this too...other than buying and living in a giant warehouse:) I think I would like that though...Great to catch up on your blog:)