Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The weeks following the wedding....

were awesome! I started a new job, which is now over at least for the time being, with a local community development corporation near our house. I worked as the middle school coordinator for about 10 inner-city students. This may not sound like a lot of students, but it proved to be a great learning experience for sure! Since the "Summer Academy" is over, I am in search of a new job. If you have leads for said jobs in Knoxville, let me know! I've applied to about a billion different positions without personal connections so I feel like I'm just shooting my apps out into the sky. Hopefully, I will hear back soon. Meanwhile, Scout and I have gotten a puppy!!!! A BEAUTIFUL miniature schnauzer, whom I'm sure will be the topic of many many posts. I will have to post some great pictures soon! Otherwise, we have been exploring all that Knoxville has to offer- aka great food at Market Square and Old Towne, scenic parks, fun farmers' markets, and flea markets full of antiques. Well, I better sign off now as it's getting late eastern time (still have to get used to the fact that it doesn't get dark till 9:30). But I want to leave you all with an invitation to COME VISIT us and the pup and all of the cool sites around!! Good nite and blessings to everyone! Love, A

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