Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Recap Thus Far

This weekend proved to be quite eventful!
Yesterday was filled with playing with Bailey, the pup, and dinner and a movie. We ate at Wok-Hay, which was very tasty especially since we had a buy one get one free entree coupon. Coupons always make food taste better even if you aren't on a budget :) Then we saw Inception, which was a GREAT heist film. It was a great date night courtesy of coupons and a $25 VISA Giftcard I won in a drawing :)
Today went to church and out to lunch with some new friends who are awesome! It's great to be meeting people in a new city. Starting off with few friends is always hard.
This afternoon, Bailey and I decided to take some pics post-bath. So for the first time going public, here is Bailey, the pup courtesy of Photobooth:

Hope you are having a great weekend! Peace and love, A


  1. Bailey is the cutest thing! He is adorable and looks so sweet and I know that you are loving her! Glad you had such a wonderful date night, it's important to do those! Hope that I can see you and the baby soon.

  2. yes!! we need to come visit c-town soon!!