Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Store and Blog are back up and running!

Whimsical Paper Garland
Sorry for the long hiatus friends!  The past few months have been CRAZY busy.  hoop~da~loop exploded in sales, which was awesome and overwhelming at the same time.  I think us etsy sellers know how that goes sometimes :)  Andrew and I also moved to Nashville woohoo!  And are very glad to be back amongst our families and closest friends.  Bailey is also very glad that our new space includes stairs.  She loves running up and down them to get in a bit of exercise.  Posts here will probably still be on the lighter side, but I hope to post here and there with some DIYs, inspiration, and updates on the shop.  So check out what I've got going on for the spring... some new shapes!

Butterfly Garland- Totally Customizable!

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