Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Shop

This has nothing to do with this post, but it's cute right!  Baby Bailey and silly momma!

This is a part II of my post this morning.  As I mentioned, I advocate working on getting your arts and crafts out there in a way that shows customers what you have so they can find it instead of just being a random link!

One huge way to do that is Pinterest.  Pinterest is a great way to share your products with a HUGE group of creative people free of charge and then share it and share it again.

You may have heard people telling you to sign up for Pinterest, but they might not have told you why.  Here are two great reasons:

1)  It gives you a bit more of a web face.  People get to know your style more by what you pin and they can interact with you in a non-invasive way.  You show your personality, which is important in internet based companies.

2) This is the more important of the two- You can and should post your shop items to your Pinterest Boards!  People will find them!

How? When you pin your items, people will see them, and then people might repin them (if they are interested which means effective and efficient traffic is on its way).  Then people that follow that repinner, may repin it, and their followers will repin... and on and on it goes.  Really.  Having only done it with a few items, I have seen how hugely it can bring views to your shop.  I see views every day on my Etsy shop stats and these are people clicking on your item because they are interested... not just because it is a link.

Now you don't want to list all 350 items to your Pinterest boards and nothing else.  That would look like you are using it to advertise and people won't be as likely to follow you or repin your pins because you aren't as fun.  BUT I advocate pinning one or two items from your shop a day (or spreading it out more if you don't have many items).  Just don't forget, pin other things too and pin your items under the headings they might go like "Wedding Ideas" or "Home Decor" and watch those views come in!

So go, sign up and start pinning [and follow me]!

Share your pinterest boards in the comments so we can all start following you!

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