Monday, April 4, 2011

An Ode to the Polaroid

I've been wanting an instant camera for a while now... you know the ones that instantly spit out a photo.  Why oh why did you have to leave us polaroid?!??  Instant cameras are just so fun and whimsical.  

I've been searching online and found that Fujifilm has the most to offer in general.  I'm starting to like this one {found here}...

Anybody have any suggestions?  Did you ever have a polaroid?


  1. I have a Fujifilm Instaxt mini and I think it's great! Probably just as good as the old Polaroids. I can highly recommend both the large fujifilm camera, and the mini if you'd prefer cute little wallet sized photographs. Both work best when there is lots of light. You get such lovely colours that way.

    Gabby at

  2. Hi -

    We bought our son a Fujifilm Instax mini for Christmas last year, and he loves it. I must admit to being a bit obsessed with it myself. Not the same size photos we're used to with Polaroids, but still lots of fun...nothing like instant gratification, right?