Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artist Highlight and Giveaway!! Ancienesthetique

A little contrary to my typical midweek post {it's been a crazy busy week} I am hosting a wonderful international artist, Victoria from ancienesthetique.  Victoria and her husband reside in France but have a wonderfully romantic story of traveling around the world, which has resulted in a beautiful style illustrated by her store.  Some of my favorites:

Hi Victoria! Welcome!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your wonderful vintage collection.
Well I’ve recently ( a year ago) moved to France with my husband and baby.. he was just a bump when we moved, he’s now ten months!
Previous to that we lived in Bolivia where we were doing volunteer work for some months….then I found out I was pregnant! SURPRISE! So we thought we should be sensible and be in one place for a bit, why not try France? Where my brother and family just live down the road….
Originally I’m Welsh and Trevor is from Oxford…we met in sunny Malta..
As to our vintage collection, well it’s a life project! Trevor is an antiques furniture restorer so he loves the old and the broken! We are avid goers to all things such as car boot sales in England, vide greniers ( empty attic in French) here and garage sales in the states…I LOOOOVE flea markets..
Some of my best finds have been out of skips or off the pavement in Oxford!
So basically we collect all over the place and have a constant space dilemma, we currently live in small apartment so it was time to share our finds with the rest of the world in a shop!
MMM the smell of old books.
We will never be minimalist , hard as we try!

{Bloggers note: SO JEALOUS!!!!!!}

Besides the vintage goods you have in your Etsy store, what else do you like to do?
I love sport, snowboarding and skiing particularly, I love reading and writing letters to my friends… not much time for the latter these days though! I love swing dancing and any excuse for a party, getting together with friends, picnics and swimming in lakes and rivers…
Making jewellery, bits of stuff out of stuff!

What first drew you to vintage wares?
I’m a keen enviromentalist so try to recycle wherever I can, I don’t like having or wearing the same as everyone else, I like bargain hunting and feel like I’m getting a good deal and treasure find, and I simply find that with vintage you get something that has stood the test of time so therefore in my eyes has increased greatly in value… I also love handmade which many vintage items are…

What inspires what you put in your shop?
I just pick up things that I would like to have in my home or wear myself… in fact it’s pretty hard to part with some things and they stay in my home for awhile before I give in!
I also like to keep an eye on current London fashions as it always seems at the forefront of vintage and new trends that way.. so I like to read magazines on vintage clothing or homewares..
Also I think travel broadens my taste for different pieces or styles…

What advice would you give to aspiring vintage artists and Etsy shop owners especially the international sellers since you are in France?
Be careful how you post stuff!! I had a few breakages at first, and especially around christmas when the postal service is less careful it seems…don’t skimp on bubble wrap!
Try and explain as accurately to customers as possible how long it will realistically take, there have been major shipping delays recently due to increased U.S security but hopefully improving now….
I think get involved in the etsy world, join some teams, participate in bnr’s, make treasuries, comment on others…
I also have a recycled jewellery shop on etsy which is sorely neglected, and so I know the difference these efforts can make, as I practically don’t bother with my first shoo…due to time, not lack of love!
And also just really enjoy the ethos of etsy and promote it where you can.,,….have fun, don’t get too stressed!

What is your favorite part of French culture?
Ooooh la la, that’s a tricky one! It’s so different in some ways here… you know the scene in the film ‘Love Actually’?? where Rowan Atkinson is wrapping a necklace gift up for the customer’s mistress and he’s trying to be quick but it’s taking ages with all the wrapping, and the trappings and the faffings… well that’s very French I think! Why say it in three words when you could use fourty three?? Why just have a sandwhich when a five course meal is available…why start the wedding on time when you could delay by and hour or two by chatting about it first?
So basically I think I’m trying to say that the pace of life here is lots slower and smaller things, like eating, and talking to each other are more greatly valued.. so the quality of our life feels good!
I also love the markets, food or flea, I loooove them!

In addition to such inspiring words, Victoria is hosting a giveaway here at A Girl and Her Scout! She will be giving away an espresso cup of your choice like one of these.
This is open to all international entrants!

The winner will be chosen (via a random assorter) on April 30th so be sure to get in your entries by then!

To enter, head over to her Etsy Store, Ancienesthetique, and leave a comment here about your favorite item(s). Additional entries for: 1) becoming a first time follower of A Girl and Her Scout 2) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your blog 3) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your facebook and/or twitter 4) “Hearting” or adding Ancienesthetique to your “Favorites” on Etsy and/or 5) making a purchase out of her store (one entry for every purchase). Be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry!

In addition, until April 30th she will be offering a 20% discount to all A Girl and Her Scout readers! YAY!!! Just use key word “girlandherscout" at check out to receive your discount.


  1. I really like most of the items in the shop, but my biggest favourites are the Villeroy and Boch Vintage coffee pot and milk jug. If I could buy those now I would! They are very stylish :)

  2. LOVE the Bach Vintage Coffee Pot :)

    ktgonyea at

  3. Mmm I love those blue cups in the first picture! And I love espresso!