Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mixing up the wardrobe

Courtesy of Urban Weeds.

Sometimes us girls (and boys, but probably not as much) look in our jammed-full-with-clothes closets and think "Crap, what am I supposed to wear today?  I don't have anything!"  This my friends, is an untruth.  We have plenty- more than plenty actually.  And while I will admit, I like shopping for new clothes (Anthropologie mhmm), I try to make a commitment a) to buy as few new clothes as possible (it's more sustainable, less materialistic, and that money (I like to think I do this at least) could be going to a better cause than my obsession with stuff)  and thus, I try to make a commitment 2) to learn how to mix up the clothes I already have for new looks so I don't feel so outdated.  That's why I love the blog Urban Weeds.  A photographer snaps photos of people (normal (read not high fashion) people ready for a magazine shoot) walking around Portland.  

Great things about this: practical (these people are walking around to work and such, not modeling--- they have on practical- move around clothes that are still stylish), reasonable (so many outfits list thrifted items), creative, and inspiring.  Take the above pic, blazer- got it, collared shirt- who doesn't?, boots- maybe not in that exact style, but yes, scarf- check, skinny pants- check and check. Surprise: you have a new outfit you never knew exisited!!

This blog helps me to revamp my wardrobe without making more purchases by inspiring me on how to mix up the clothes I already have.  Cheers to sustainability!

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