Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Blogging Reflection and a Surprise!

I have to be honest. Sometimes I get so confused about why I am blogging and I get stressed about it which is dumb because I do this for fun. This blogging thing started during college when I started a blog while I was studying abroad to document my travels for family and friends back home. I liked blogging and the blogging world so much that I continued that blog with posts about life and what I was doing. It got a bit scattered, but I still liked it. Then I graduated from college, got married, and started this blog because I still loved the process of documenting my thoughts and adventures and life in general. Well, I still love that, but I feel like this blog, like my brain and previous blog is getting a bit scattered.

I have artist highlights, simple living posts and then posts about my life. And while some of you lovely readers might enjoy reading all of my random thoughts, I think some of you would enjoy reading one or the other: life or simple living stuff. I also like the idea of blogs that are centered around one theme: education, family, fashion, etc

That being said, for you the readers and for the sake of organization and my sanity, I have


started a second blog! It is called

Living Simply Together

and will document how and why Andrew and I seek to live the simple life and what that even means. So humor me and check it out! I think it will prove to be worth your time! You can even stop following this one if you were reading for the simple living part anyways.

Click Here to check it out and let me know what you think (even thought it's still in the baby phases).

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