Monday, December 13, 2010

In which the Lovey Graduates!!

Andrew graduated from Business School this past Friday.  We (me and the fam) couldn't be more proud.  We spent the weekend celebrating with family at two of our favorite Knoxville restaurants Crown and Goose (which is decorated with THE CUTEST decorations ever--- you HAVE to go now) and Cafe 4 which were both as delicious as always.

Congratulations Lovey!!!

PS- I'm loving watching cars attempting to go up the hill beside our apartment and sliding back down :)  Hope you are enjoying being snowed in with some cookies and hot chocolate like us!  Yay snow!! I love you and I have to admit, living in Knoxville sometimes is a bit of a struggle without many friends around, but it's TOTALLY worth it since it snows all the time!!!!

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