Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Weekend and Scout's Birthday!!!

So one thing I've learned about the Holga... it's so awesome I don't take any digital pictures and thus cannot post about my awesome adventures here soon after they happen. Thus, I will be trying to take more digital pictures so I can share more immediately and then relive my memories when I develop my film. Double the fun in my opinion.

That being sad, I did not take any pictures of my goings-on this weekend, but I did have a great time (and steal a photo off of google images to go with this post). My family is spread out amongst Knoxville, Nashville, and Atlanta, so we met on Sunday in Chattanooga for a delightful lunch and stroll around river park. It was so great to spend time with the fam celebrating my birthday and Scout's birthday which is TODAY!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband ever!!!!

The weather was perfect and so was the icecream we indulged in at the park as we watched little chillin's (=children) riding pieces of cardboard down a big steep hill. I tried this out, but didn't make it quite as far. My 23 year old butt is a bit bigger than theirs :) It truly was a great time and today is too with all this celebrating going on so I will have to post again soon with the festivities from Scout's Birthday (which has already included a sausage, biscuit, egg, and gravy breakfast) much to his delight!


  1. Ok, I definitely thought Scout was your dog all along... now I realize that you are talking about Andrew! hahaha Unless of course Andrew and your dog share a birthday and you shared a sausage, biscuit, egg, and gravy breakast with him this morning!! :) - Nicole

  2. Sounds like you'all had a great time! We had Victoria's birthday party at the sliding hill a couple of years ago! It was so much fun! Hope you saw the photos of her Alice party on my blog. Have a great weekend, I e-mailed you just a minute ago!