Monday, October 4, 2010

**Simple Living Month** Day 4

image taken from google images

It's fall people!
The weather is gorgeous and the wonderfulness of October?
It is the perfect time to conserve energy and
turn off the air and heat and open your windows.

When the weather is so temperate, help the environment and your budget and open your windows to let the air circulate and let nature do your thermostat's job. (This temperate weather is what makes October a great month to practice simple living.)
Also try taking off or adding a layer of clothes to prevent having to heat or cool the house instead of automatically reaching for the thermostat.
Putting on a sweatshirt is easy and simple and better for everyone.

It's also better for the soul as it's more feng shui.

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  1. Each of us have our own fleecey blanket that we use when it gets cooler. We just wrap ourselves up to keep warm. Also we have 2 units that heat and cool our house and we do not turn on the upstairs unit until it is well below freezing, all the bedrooms are upstairs and we just use lots of covers.