Saturday, October 2, 2010

**Simple Living Month** Day 2

From my trip to Tunisia, Africa.

In case you are looking for something to do this weekend....

Turn off the TV.

It will save electricity, energy, and money.


Go outside.

Part of living simply, is living a balanced life so that we can feel and actually be healthier and more in tune with our bodies and our spirits. When we are surrounded by technology and noise all day, it only seems logical to need to spend equal parts outside in the non-man-made, quieter world so that we can decompress from our busy lives.

That may be near impossible if you work in an office all day, but try to spend at least a little time outside every day and then maybe get a good hike in or bike ride on the weekends. You don't have to go backpacking, buy a bike that resembles Lance Armstrong's, or suddenly take up repelling (though that would be cool), just go outside and walk or even sit if walking/jogging/biking isn't your thing.

Just be in nature.

This will not only be therapeutic, but if it becomes a habit for humans, it will no doubt decrease our ever-increasing obesity rates because we will be moving more.

Outside of Barcelona, Spain

I had the privilege of growing up out in the middle of nowhere aka- in the middle of nature... with woods and fields and a creek on our property. I am so grateful for this conscious choice my parents made for our family so that we could grow up with a great appreciation for the world around us.

This doesn't mean you need to relocate your family, it just encourages us to make conscious decisions for our family and ourselves that benefit our overall lifestyle.
And since it's literally as easy as walking outside...

Lake Como, Outside of Milan, Italy

If my words aren't completely convincing :), or you just want more proof that what I say is scientifically true or need some more inspiration, check out these articles:

Nature Deficit Disorder increases in our kids and families.

Nature's therapeutic effects.

Stuck on what to do outside? Check out this list.
(It has some stuff to do inside too, but I really liked the basic outside suggestions!)

Let me know what you end up doing on your outside adventure!

**My photos are from my travels. I have been very blessed to travel and hope you enjoy seeing the photos as I always enjoy reliving these experiences.

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