Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple Living Month: Day 15

Final post from Calamity Wilde is a great one!

Don't throw away wine corks. Places like whole foods have programs for corks or recycling just post it on craigslist for free. I get tons of crafters who always want my corks. The craigslist for winecorks thing also works with EVERYTHING else in your house. People will come pick up whatever it is that you don't want - old leather boots, broken computer monitors, chairs with no legs, melted candle wax, yarn and fabric scraps, old socks. You name it. I have given so much stuff to people through craigslist, and I love that it doesn't have to go in the landfill. Also check out to give away, and/or score some great stuff.

This goes into BUY USED. We do NOT need brand new everything- hardly anything, really. Thrift stores, goodwill, craigslist, and your mom's garage are great places to find furniture, kitchen utensils, flower pots, clothes, bicycles, and even computers. We live in such a materialistic world that people are always getting rid of perfectly good things for the next newest trend. That "trash" is supplying my entire house right now. Plus, thrift store dishes are so much cooler than department store dishes. :)

Of course, use reusable bags. They even make awesome little bags you can use for produce instead of all those plastic ones. And if you do have plastic bags, most grocery stores have places you can recycle them. OR you can iron them into thicker plastic to create your own reusable bags.

If you do have garbage, use biodegradable garbage bags, which are available at most stores like whole foods, etc.

Don't use disposable cups, plates, or utensils. If you must, there are awesome bamboo ones. Otherwise, invest in a set of "picnic" dishes, for all your camping, picnicking, and barbecue needs.

And her words to the wise which summarize so well her commitment to simple living:

honor life. If you just follow this one rule, things will get so much simpler. If you can trace your food to it's healthy, natural source, then eat it. if you don't know where it comes from, then don't. If what you are doing harms other living creatures (supporting non-organic food, eating meat from tortured animals, putting poison into your own body) then don't do it. It's simple.

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