Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Artist Highlight of the Week: ArtisticWood

Bruce from ArtisticWood has some awesome jewelry in his shop! It is great simple jewelry that makes a big statement. He is gracious enough to be featured this week as my Artist Highlight of the Week and in doing so is not only interviewing here, but also hosting a giveaway and a discount so be sure to check it out!!

A couple of my favorites from his shop:

Hey Bruce! Welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your awesome jewelry!
Well, I have been an entrepreneur all my life whether by choice or necessity and that always demands that you learn, evolve, and change. I believe that all of us have gifts and using those gifts is one of the things that brings us fulfillment. It has always been easy for me to be creative but the other side of that coin is that I am my own worst critic. I get my biggest "rush" when someone picks up a piece of my jewelry and says "you made this? I love it!" Jewelry, like art, is a personal thing, different things appeal to different people. I started making spoon rings from antique silverware because I think it's a shame to keep the artistry and talent of crafts people from days gone by locked up in a drawer somewhere. Why not make a piece of jewelry out of it that can be enjoyed and admired by everyone. I like to think that my jewelry pieces will become someones' favorite, in a way like your favorite jeans or sweater make you feel when you put them on.

Besides the coolness you have in your Etsy store, what else do you like to do?
I love the outdoors, traveling our beautiful country and discovering new "favorite" places. Visiting with my two daughters whenever I can, with my youngest in Chattanooga and my oldest in Atlanta it's always too long between visits. Never fear though, I have a three year old son to keep me occupied the rest of the time. I love going to art and craft shows, it's always fun to see everyone's creativity.

What first drew you to jewelry making, especially using leather?
I like making things that make people smile. It's easy to do that with jewelry because even strangers will compliment you on a piece of jewelry that you are wearing and it gives you a little boost so, you instinctively smile when you say "Thank you".
I have always loved leather, from the smell to its' warm look and feel to its' durability. So, creating jewelry from leather was a natural step for me. To me, leather means casual, laid back, and fun. Goodness knows we could all use a little for fun in our lives. A merry heart does good like a medicine.

What inspires you?
Wow! I think getting outdoors, fall is my favorite season, I love the smells, the colors and cool air. Taking in nature kind of recharges me and gets my creative spirit energized. I am humbled and amazed by some of the truly talented artisans on Etsy and hope that I can be half as talented as they are when I grow up. LOL! Being around other positive, creative people is inspiring to me.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists and Etsy shop owners?
Make things you like, don't just make things for people to buy, otherwise it will just be another job you have to do. Be patient, but most importantly be persistent you will succeed. Become a student of what you love, find your niche, don't forget to say thank you and let your customers know that their purchase is appreciated.

Thank you so much for sharing for your creative juices!

In honor of highlighting local, Knoxville artists, Bruce is hosting a giveaway here at A Girl and Her Scout! He will be giving away
sterling silver and pearl earrings
to the chosen winner (chosen via a random assorter) on Oct 24th so be sure to get in your entries by then!

To enter, head over to his Etsy Store, ArtisticWood, and leave a comment here about your favorite item(s). Additional entries for: 1) becoming a first time follower of A Girl and Her Scout 2) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your blog 3) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your facebook and/or twitter 4) “Hearting” or adding ArtisticWood to your “Favorites” on Etsy and/or 5) making a purchase out of his store (one entry for every purchase). Be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry!

In addition, through Oct. 31st he will be offering a 10% discount to all A Girl and Her Scout readers! YAY!!! Just use key word “scout” at check out to receive your discount.
The discount will be taken off before shipping and will be directly refunded through paypal.

Happy shopping and crafting and many thanks again to Bruce for participating in my Artist Highlight of the week!

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