Monday, September 20, 2010

This weekend....

UT marching band marching into the stadium pre-game.

This weekend my parents visited us and we went to the University of Tennessee football game.

Though we lost, it was a great game as are most SEC football games.
Afterward, we went to a great local English gastropub called Crown and Goose, which I totally recommend for all of you Knoxvillians and visitors!

I had the Spring Vegetable Risotto. SO GOOD!

Mom had the Gobble the Gobbler (which I've had two times before and is also DELISH!)

Then Scout and my Dad had Shepard's Pies, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

My Dad was surprised how great it was :)

It was definitely a great time seeing the fam and getting to show off our apartment and little lives in Knoxville!

Hope your weekends were great!


  1. I think that Kerry must have loved that pie! I have never heard of a gstropub, sounds yummy! If I come to Knoxville I want to go too!

  2. That's so cool. When we ran from hurricane Rita 5 years ago we came to Tennessee and stayed with family. They actually allowed me and my sister-in-law to work the game for some extra money to get back home. I got to sell cotton candy. (not an easy job) I did get to watch the game too. I enjoyed every moment of that new experience.

    Thanks for the heads up on your giveaways! I will be entering now that I know. I am now following you too!