Thursday, September 2, 2010

Movie Reviews for the Weekend

Scout and I love a good movie.
Thus, most weekends, we head to a RedBox for a $1 movie rental.
If you don't know about RedBox, you should check out the link above.
It's great for newlyweds on a budget (or anyone on a budget).

Anyways, a couple movies we have rented lately that I would totally recommend (though not for the kiddos).

It's about a man that goes away to war leaving behind his family and his brother that just got out of jail. It's way more than that but just check out the trailer. I would give it a HUGE thumbs up as the acting is phenomenal. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending, but endings are hard to write so.... still totally worth the watch.

Half Nelson
Also a great one, also not for kiddos. It's about an inner-city teacher that struggles with addiction. The ending on this one was also a bit of a letdown, but still totally worth the watch in my opinion!

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  1. My two favorite movies of the summer where The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and City Island, both are great, both are NOT for kiddos.