Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist Highlight of the Week and GIVEAWAY

Hello All!! I am excited to announce that we have another Artist Highlight of the Week and another GIVEAWAY and a DISCOUNT! YAY!! I met Suzanne at the Knoxville Arts and Crafts Fair and am excited to share the wonderfulness that is her Etsy store For You, By Q. Her jewelry is funky and fabulous and totally affordable and derives a lot of inspiration from nature, which I obviously swoon over!
Some of my favorites:

(Can you tell I love birds?)

Anyways... getting on to the interview and giveaway:

Hey Suzanne! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your art.
I am a 25 year old wife, mom to 2 fabulous dogs, college graduate and I just quit my full-time, secure job to be a full-time crafter. I love jewelry and always want new things so it just makes sense to make my own and support my family doing it!

Besides the beautiful jewelry you have in your Etsy store, what else do you like to do?
My mom taught me how to sew when I was a wee lass and I have been making things ever since. Recently I have been making more and more of the clothes that I wear- I'm seeing a clothing line coming down the pike! I have had my hands in almost any kind of craft you can think of (stamping, pottery, painting, decoupage...). I will ride that craft wave as long as it lasts and then move onto something new and exciting.

What first drew you to arts and crafts, especially jewelry making?

In a word: Mom. The laundry room in my childhood house was full of odds and ends, fabrics, flowers and notions- craft supplies. My mom let me play in there and make messes to my heart's content. I also saw her wearing a lot of different jewelry and what girl doesn't want to be her mother at one point or another?

What inspires you?
Everything! I try to keep my senses alert because I never know what might strike my fancy or give me an idea for a new project. Nature really speaks to me- God is such an artist! I love colors, shapes, patterns and ideas found in nature. My friends call me a quasi hippie...

What advice would you give to aspiring artists and Etsy shop owners?
Stay true to yourself and keep plugging away! I never feel good about a piece if it isn't something that I love. Many people have advised me to make different products to reach other demographics in order to increase sales- but that doesn't fly with me! Sure I want to be a successful businesswoman but I am not going to forfeit my personal aesthetic to make sales. For Etsy shop owners: continually update stock, photos, shop announcements... I can tell a major difference when I am active in bettering my shop as compared to when it sits stagnant.

Thank you Suzanne so much for sharing your creative juices and your life passions! Kuddos to full time crafting!

In honor of highlighting local, east Tennessee artists, Suzanne is hosting a giveaway here at A Girl and Her Scout! She will be giving away a very awesome MAP BANGLE BRACELET (So cute!)

to the chosen winner (chosen via a random assorter) on next Tuesday, September 7th so be sure to get in your entries by then!

To enter, head over to her Etsy Store, ForYouByQ, and leave a comment here about your favorite item(s). Additional entries for: 1) becoming a first time follower of A Girl and Her Scout 2) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your blog 3) Posting this giveaway with a link to my blog on your facebook and/or twitter 4) “Hearting” or adding ForYouByQ to your “Favorites” on Etsy and/or 5) making a purchase out of her store (one entry for every purchase). Be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry!

In addition, she will be offering a 10% discount to all A Girl and Her Scout readers! YAY!!! Just use key word “blogger” at check out to receive your discount.

Happy shopping and crafting and many thanks again to Suzanne for participating in my Artist Highlight of the week!


  1. This stuff is so cute! I especially like the "Lend a hand mish mash necklace" here And congrats to Suzanne for making crafting her full time thing now.

  2. And she's now a favorite of mine on etsy.

  3. I love the "the midas touch bangle" as well as the "world traveler bangle" and the "free bird necklace". Thanks for introducing me to her jewelry! I am always looking for original artwork to add to my collection. You should suggest she try to sell her pieces to Pangaea or Scarlett Begonia or some boutiques in Franklin. Hope you're doing well! :)

  4. this is so cool i like this etsy stuff and would love to win it

  5. She is so talented, you find the most interesting artists! Check out my puppy and pinata post!