Sunday, August 15, 2010


I was ready for the weekend by the time it came around big time. Saturday brought on the Knoxville Arts and Crafts Fair. I LOVE arts and crafts fairs and though this one was small, it was inspiring for sure, which is what I always love about them. I also met some cool artists that have Etsy shops which I will be sharing this week.... maybe I can interview one for the blog! Then, I bought some "Puppy Muffins" for Bailey, which inspired me to make my own "gourmet" doggie treats which I will be sharing tomorrow via a little DIY session. The muffins are below.

Scout spent the day with a bit of my help polyurethane-ing a (really nice) book shelf that I thrifted for only $17! Solid wood and great little details. We just wanted to change the color. Can't wait till it can hold my many many books :)